Proudly Serving Kelowna, BC


Vehicle Inspections in Kelowna, BC

When you need a vehicle inspection that you can depend on, meet with the professionals at Pro Oil Change in Kelowna, BC. We take pride in having an honest, knowledgeable, and credible staff that delivers quality service in a timely and affordable manner.

We’re open every day of the week, and an appointment is never necessary. Simply pull into our convenient drive-thru area, and we’ll perform an extensive inspection that covers:

  • Light checks, including the condition of the headlights
  • Window washer checks and top-ups
  • Checking the engine and cabin air filters
  • Engines and cabins when applicable
  • Serpentine belt checks for excessive wearing
  • PCV valves
  • Wiper blade checks for wear and tear
  • Service record checks against manufacturer and industry recommendations
  • Transmission fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Drive line fluid inspection
  • Engine coolant and antifreeze
  • Tire pressure, wear, and damage check
  • Batteries
  • Oil and fluid leaks
  • Fuel system cleaning recommendations
  • Undercoating condition

Pro Oil Change is committed to our customers and to the communities we serve. If you require a vehicle inspection, then contact us today. We'll provide you with the confidence and peace of mind that you deserve. Our service area extends throughout Kelowna and the surrounding areas.